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Meet Coach T. Bankston, The Change Doula

Tanya Bankston, SST, BS, MA, CLC is a Certified Life, Leadership & Solutions Focused Coach who embraces the concept that Leadership, Personal Empowerment, and the Power to Change are the necessary staples to impact lasting change and improve the “ Quality of Life.”

In an effort to foster motivation, inspiration and value to the lives of others Mrs. Bankston has served in the capacities of Professional Life & Leadership Coach, Contributing Author & Accomplished Speaker for various Association Conferences and Seminars.

Tanya believes that each person is a “ Leader “ and has an impactful sphere of influence in some aspect of their life. She facilitates corporate and group team building activities that support intrinsic motivational techniques for a productive “ office culture. “ There are barriers that impede employee productivity that Mrs. Bankston feels can be overcome with proper coaching and training.

As an embracer of Higher Education, Ms. Bankston has earned a Masters in Leadership, Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development & Health Science and a Human Resources Graduate Certificate; all from Central Michigan University. Additionally, she is Certified as a Life, Leadership & Solutions Focused Coach from the Universal Coach Institute and a Registered Social Services Technician.

As host of the show, Your Change Matters, her interviews provide a sharp, fresh, and edgy approach to subjects that people don't like talking about including mental health, drug addiction, and body image. Mrs. Bankston's professional affiliations include: National Career Development Association, Federal Court Clerks Association ( FCCA ), Federally Employed Women (FEW), and Gamma Phi Delta Sorority to name a few.

Mrs. Bankston is an accomplished speaker whose key topics include. “Doing Your Best With Less ” which focuses on participants learning the importance of “ attitude “ while performing job responsibilities, The Art of REinvention, Multiple Generations in the Workplace, and more than a REbuilding.  She has presented her signature “ Team Building “ workshops at conferences in  Seattle, Wa, Washington, DC & Kansas City, MO which focus on Compromise, Negotiation, Communications, Collaboration, Employee Motivation For Performance & Team Contributions. These topics and others have earned her several invitations to speak at conferences, seminars and association meetings.

In 2009, Ms. Bankston founded Zen’ergy Professional & Leadership Association, LLC a Leadership and Professional Development Association. Mrs. Bankston is also a Contributing Author- in several books including: Tal’itha Cu’mi :  Girl Get Up Dynamic Stories of Hope & Healing For Women, SHINE Hidden No More, and WOMB Sister Chronicles Volume I.

Mrs. Bankston garners her inspiration from Dr. Joyce Brothers, Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown, John Maxwell & Dr.Dwayne Dyer. She encourages people to Reach Higher, Achieve More and Live Their Greatest Life Now. 

Her sought after “ SOAR Coaching Series : Personal and Leadership Coaching " are available via tele-seminars and private sessions. Mrs. Bankston encourages everyone to Aim High, Take Flight & Come Soar With Me. 

To book Mrs. Bankston for a “Signature Soar Coaching Series “ Workshop, Team Building Session(s), Speaking Engagement or Interview contact Tanya Bankston at (866) 733.3654. 

Ready To Soar ? Let's Talk 866-733-3654

Client Accolades

Firstly, your homework of self evaluations were extremely useful,  they helped me to look inside myself and see that I lacked focus and time management. I constantly made up excuses as opposed to just "getting it done". That is something that you greatly assisted me with.

Secondly, my resume and cover letter have been fine tuned to a degree that I didn't think was possible. I am extremely confident when submitting a job application, and I have been successful with obtaining interviews.

The recommendation for books to buy and organizations to join were phenomenal; I whole heartedly believe that the literary instruction and FEW membership will have a positive change on my life and professional outlook.

Lastly, I only have one recommendation for you. Some of your students need tough love/coaching,  including myself. When you told me I should look into obtaining my series 6 and 63 I shunned the idea. At the time, I had tunnel vision - only thinking of how it would affect my current professional situation and not future endeavors. I respond better to sternness and inflexibility as opposed to just urging. I know that is one of my major flaws!

Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do! I am glad you are a permanent fixture in my life!

- A. Jefferies


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