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The MIS-Adventures of Leopardprint Eagle Girl and her sidekick Coach T

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (5)

Just where did Leopardprint Eagle Girl come from you ask? Well maybe not you but somebody did, just trust me.


As the narrator of the adventures of Leopardprint Eagle and Coach T let me introduce myself.


I am Tanya R. Bankston.


The “R” well there is my legal government name which is not really important, and then there is the “R” that stood for Rejected. Growing up I was always rejected…I was too dark, too thin, too tall, my feet were too big, and I talked too much!


My family loved me sure, but outside of my family I got these messages of rejection reinforced all the time!


Leoparprint Eagle girl was born out of that Rejection! The funny thing is that she didn’t really fully develop until I was well into my 40s, yes 40s!


Who said, adults could not believe in super heroes? Super heroes are not just for children…ok, so anyway…back to the story.


She was born out of my need to be heard…my desire to speak without waiting to be spoken to, and my cry to be heard when I had been hurt, rejected, and mistreated.


She is courageous, she is an advocate, she is a servant-leader, she is transparent, and she will NOT allow her voice to be silenced.


She wears a huge “R” on her chest and it stands out for REsilience, REscued, and REstored as she seeks to encourage, inspire, and impart to other women who have experienced brokenness, abandonment, and rejection to use their pain to overcome the past.


Don’t get the message twisted the side-kick Coach T carriers her message of strength, and courage too.


As for me, I am just Tanya R Bankston reminding you to Aim High, Take Flight, and Come Soar with me to Greater Heights.

Facing Change...Fearfully Charging Forward Ahead!

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)


Most people fear change, yet change is necessary in all aspects of life. The seasons change, fashion changes, technology rapidly changes, and we constantly change our minds shifting from one mind-set into another within seconds. How can I forget the iconic caterpillar that changes into a butterfly…so with so much change going on all the time, often times without our conscience thought, why are we so resistant to change?


Why is it so important to remain attached to the same methodologies rather than embrace change? Is it fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, a combination of all of them, or just plain fear? Imagine how our lives today would be so much different if change did not take place in industry and technology from just one generation ago?


For example, just thirty years ago there were very few cell phones (and they were carried in a cellphone bag, they were huge and very expensive) payphones were very easy to find; today, the opposite is true, it is almost impossible to locate a payphone, and almost everyone has a cell phone today.


People complain about changing jobs, changing stations in life, acquiring more education, etc., but oftentimes when faced with the opportunities for change they remain paralyzed.


So if you are that person who just hates change here is a little trick that I use when faced with changing something in my life.


First, write it down on paper, the pros of making the change and the cons of remaining the same. This way it is easier to quickly identify in black and white which is the better approach, remaining the same or changing course.


Pain is an effective motivator for change…if it is more painful to stay the same than it is to change, than change will become much easier. Additionally, you can list consequences here for nor changing your behavior. If left the same will your situation get worse?


Next, adopt a small change and put it into practice daily for seven to 21 days. This will allow you to embrace the change before moving on to the next change. If you need more time then practice the same habit for 30 days before moving on to a new change concept.


It is important to only change one or two things at a time or you risk being unsuccessful in your newly changed behavior. Don’t overwhelm yourself!


Writing in a journal or speaking with a trusted mentor, friend, relative, or a supporting life coach is helpful regarding your efforts to change, and expressing your feelings/thoughts regarding your new change.


I recommend taking inventory of your communication. What type of messages are you speaking over yourself, and to yourself that encourages you to change?


Positive self-talk is vital to develop new change behavior!


For example, if you are working to lose weight do you often tell yourself, “I am so fat!” or “look at my cottage cheese thighs.” Both statements are negative and should be eliminated from your messages that you speak to and over yourself immediately!


In fact, develop a positive way of talking to yourself that is encouraging, uplifting, and inspires you to change.


“I AM” statements are Powerful!


A good example would be, “I AM Healthy” or “I love and appreciate myself” or I am empowered to lose the weight.” I recommend that you communicate messages that are encouraging, positive, and that are in a present tense.


Lastly, at the end of your 30 day change cycle evaluate your progress…is it time to adopt a new change concept or do you still need more time to reinforce this new change concept?


Every step that you have made towards change is an achievement! You have good reason to celebrate all of your progress! Every small step develops into your total change process achievement!

I encourage you to continue on your quest to incorporate a changed behavior.


Don’t wait, you can CHANGE NOW! You were born to be AMAZING, let your RADIATE!

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 Until Next Time this is Coach T Bankston encouraging you to “Aim High, Take Flight, Come Soar With ME!”

Tanya Bankston